Compose World Play

Compose World Play provides an exciting and creative way of composing music by using building blocks of musical phrases. It focuses on building listening skills, which are an essential part of any musical training.

Compose World Play is easy to use with foundation and through to KS 1.

There are many ways in which this program is used in the primary classroom. It supports much of the music curriculum as well as many cross curricula activities e.g.

  • Exploring rhythm
  • Exploring pitch
  • Writing a song
  • Story telling with music
  • How does Compose World Play work?
    Phrases of music are represented as engaging graphics,simply click on a graphic to listen to a phrase of music, then drag it onto the grid. Build your tune up by placing the phrases in the grid and then press play and listen to your tune, if you like how it sounds, save it!


    Single user licence £30.00
    additional users £8.00
    5 user licence £62.00
    10 user licence £102.00
    Primary site licence £140.00

    A Primary Site Licence entitles you to unlimited use within the registered address
    All prices are subject to VAT at the current rate