Compose World Create

Compose World Create extends the ideas of Compose World Play. It is an ideal resource for music exploration, composition and performance for a wide range of ages and abilities.

Compose World Create supports the music curriculum for both Primary and Secondary education .

What can it do? You can build your own musical composition in a multi-track sequencer. Over 100 different projects are provided with musical building blocks for melody, harmony and rhythm.

Unlimited tracks
You can really experiment with sound, add more tracks and layer your composition, why not add a rhythm track!

User friendly
Compose World Create is an inclusive program. Users can navigate around the program by using:

  • Mouse
  • Guided popup menus
  • Screen scanning
  • Switches
  • Application Menus
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • MIDI keyboard

How does Compose World Create work?
Compose World Create works in the same way as Compose World Play, simply choose a file from over 70 different tune files, and then click and drag phrases of music onto the track.




Compose World Create

Single user licence £70.00
additional users £15.00
5 user licence £130.00
10 user licence £205.00
Primary site licence £280.00
Secondary site licence £430.00

A Primary/Secondary Site Licence entitles you to unlimited use within the registered address
All prices are subject to VAT at the current rate