The Dums

The Dums is an exciting program which uses high quality animation and audio to help understand how musical instruments work, on their own and in and ensemble.
See and hear the instruments in action in 10 different ensembles

  • Brass Quartet
  • Pop Band
  • Brass band
  • Percussion Band
  • Guitar Ensemble
  • Swing Band
  • Recorder Consort
  • Vocal Quartet
  • Orchestra
  • String Quartet

The Dums uses live recordings of the instruments and new compositions which have been commissioned especially for the software.

The Dums consists of a family of 50 musicians who play instruments in different ensembles.

The delightful animated characters tell you all about their instruments and let you hear them being played, individually and in an ensemble.

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Single user licence £50.00
additional users £10.00
5 user licence £90.00
10 user licence £140.00
Primary site licence £190.00
Secondary site licence £290.00

A Primary/Secondary Site Licence entitles you to unlimited use within the registered address
All prices are subject to VAT at the current rate